Sunday, April 11, 2010

Teachers of my 6th Semester of Degree-Inspiring!

"I believe that all of you will become a great teacher and you will take all the challenges being a teacher.

Be sincere, enjoy yourself being a teacher, with no complaints, no nagging.
You will be a role model to your students.Therefore, we always need to improve ourselves, the way we teach, the way we potray ourselves.

Teacher is a noble job. Remember in a hadith, Rasulullah has said,

“Apabila seorang anak Adam itu meninggal dunia, maka akan terputus amalannya kecuali tiga perkara : sedekah jariyah, ilmu yang bermanfaat, atau anak soleh yang mendoakannya”
(HR Abu Hurairah)

Therefore, teacher profession is a profession whereby you will gets lots of opportunity to do good deeds that will continue even after you died.
I wish you success in your life, in this world and hereafter"

-Dr.Saadah binti Masrukin.

(The lecturer who teach me the subject Teaching and Learning Primary School Science, 6th semester at UM. A teacher who incorporates lots of moral values in her teaching, especially from Islamic view, and gives lots of ideas on how we as Science teacher can incorporate moral values in our teaching .No bias. Loved by all the students ^^)


"I love to teach all of you. I love to see all the activities that you all have done for macro teaching, there are all very good activities.

I believe that all of you will become a good teacher."

-Dr Tom Lahaei.

(The lecturer who teach me two subjects for this sem, Games for ESL Classroom and Simulated Teaching. He once said that learning is not fun unless its really fun..And he has made learning a real fun for us. Its give me inspiration to be a teacher who make learning as a fun time for my students, but yet at the same time they are learning lots of things.)

With Dr.Tom...We all gonna miss you=)


" You definitely will be a good teacher"-She said this during the first day she teach us. Everyone need to tell 2 things about themselves. I said, "I love cooking very much and I love to teach"

"Moral is not taught, its caught"-She loves to use this sentence, which means that we need to be a good role model to our students because they will follow what they can see from you, whether its good or bad.

-Dr. Vishalache Balakrishnan

(The lecturer who teach me 'Ethics in Teaching Profession". Has a quite vast knowledge in any religion. She also has write her own book, "Moral Education for Universities and Colleges" (from Arah Publication) which become our textbook, quite a good book actually, I suggest for you to read this book. Dr. Visha is a motherly lecturer with always a warm smile on her face. )

I will miss this semester...Have lots of fun in learning...

Thanx a lot to all my lecturers for dis sem: Dr.Sa'adah, Dr.Tom, Dr.Visha, miss Eng, Miss Dayah, Dr.Faizal and Ma'am Ajitya and Dr Rout...Thanx a lot for giving me knowledge and hope you will make it 'halal' for me and its full of barakah..

There are teachers who become a killer to their students because they kill students' motivation, but you all make us become "alive"

For all my friends,


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