Thursday, April 15, 2010

Different way of looking

There are lots of verbs that we can use in order to tell the way we look at something. Try to use more precise words whenever we speak or write.

1) Gaze : To look steadily at someone/ something for a long time , either because you are very interested or surprise, or because you're thinking of something else.

Example:- He gaze dreamily out of the window.
-She gazed at him in amazement.

2) Stare : To look steadily at someone/ something for a long time, especially in a way that is unfriendly or that shows surprise.

Example: -She stared at him in disbelief
- She gave him a blank stare

3) Glare: To look at someone/ something in an angry way

Example: -They glared angrily at each other.

4) Peer: To look closely or carefully at something , especially when you cannot see it clearly.

Example: -I peered into the dark room.

5) Squint: To look at something with your eyes partly shut in order to keep out bright light or to see better.

Example: -She was squinting through the keyhole.

6) Glance : To look quickly at something,
To read something quickly and not thoroughly (glance at,down, over,through)

Example: -She glanced quickly at her watch.
-I only had time at glance at the newspaper.

7) Eye : To look at someone/ something carefully, especially because you want something or you are suspicious of something. (To eye somebody curiously, doubtfully, suspiciously/ thoughtfully)

Example: -They eyed each other suspiciously.

8) Scan: To look at every part of something carefully especially because you are looking for a particular person/ thing.

Example: -He scanned the crowd anxiously but could not see her.

Scan through:To look quickly but not very carefully at a document.

Example: -I scanned the list quickly for my name.

9) Study: To look/ watch someone/ something carefully in order to find out something.

Example: -I spent a few minutes studying the map.

10) Inspect : To look closely at someone/ something especially to check everything is
satisfactory. (examine)

Example: -The new buildings have to be inspected by the Fire Department.

[From: Oxford Dictionary, 6th edition]

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