Tuesday, May 24, 2011

venerable and vulnerable

1) Venerable

-(Adj, formal) venerable people or things deserve respect because they are old, important, wise.
e.g: a venerable old man
a venerable institution/tradition

-(The venerable....-use only before noun, in the Aglican Church) a title of respect used when talking about an Archdeacon
e.g: the venerable Martin Roberts

-(The venerable...-use only before noun, in the Roman Catholic Church) a title given to a dead person who is very holy but has not yet been made a saint.

2) Vulnerable

-(Adj) to be weak and easily hurt physically or emotionally: to be vulnerable to abuse/attack/illness.
eg: She looked very vulnerable standing there on her own.
In cases of food poisoning, young children are especially vulnerable.
The sudden resignation of the financial director put the company in a very vulnerable

-(Noun) Vulnerability
eg: the vulnerability of newborn babies to diseases.

[From: Oxford Dictionary, 6th edition]

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