Friday, May 20, 2011

An Eye Opener

Why I never thought of this; to do degree or master in business!!! This pre-employment programme is really an eye-opener. Thank a lot to my trainer, Mr.Murray!

So,what I must do now?
1) Ask someone who know about business field, about which programme that I should take for degree or master.
2) Read a lot about business
3) Search a lot of information about business.
4) Have a proper planning on how I want to build my business and in what kind of business that I want to join in.
5) Join the intepreneurship programme (after this pre-employment programme) to get some knowledge or skills that I need in business
6) Do degree or master in business within 5 years from now.
7) Do online business, at least starting next year.


Layyinulharir: Mengejar impian hidup~

3rd day of pre-employment programme
Kolej Kediaman ketiga,UM

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