Monday, May 30, 2011

Interview Preparation

Top 10 tips for interview:

1)Research the company thoroughly:Use the internet, telephone and ask for information to be mailed to you, e.g. company's annual report or other relevant info.

2) Know the location of the interview: Get a map and plan your route

3) Be prepared: Bring along a copy of CV, a notepad and pen

4) Perfect your image: Have clean clothes, shoes, hair and fingernails! Use positive body language.

5) Think of the image that you want to portray: Make your answers enthusiastic, interesting and knowledgeable.

6) Arrive in the area with time to spare: Report for the interview at least 5-10 minutes early.

7) Memorise the name(s) or job title(s) of your interviewer(s)

8) Anticipate questions and prepare answers

9) Be prepared to sell your key personal qualities.

10) Have three questions ready to asks the interviewer(s).

And very importantly, turn off your mobile phone!

(by Deloitte Consulting Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.)

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