Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet memory, Fifth Semester at UM

I juz want to share with you all what I have gone through last semester...Here it goes:

Blog, windows live, Adobe Photoshop, photostory , FX Foto, Audacity-Just to name some of the technology that I involved with..See my first video (for my assignment) at this link.

That is my first video I do it on my own, k,of course lots of weaknesses..I has made some improvement for the real product, based on the comments made by my friends and lecturer...

Digital story telling workshop where we were introduced to Photostory and Audacity, 2 great applications for photo editing and audio editing. I become the facilitator..Photostory now is become my best friends for photo editing since it really user friendly.. If you want, juz download it from the internet,k..

Video kit. My friends and I experience the first time to do the video kit, juz like the one that we want to sell, complete with the way how we want to advertise it.1st also for me to do CD cover, juz deal with photo editing. Nice experience!

Reunion ex SMKATJ batch SPM 2004…Da first time reunion..I’m not meet them for almost 5 years, miss them a lot!

Lots of eating...1T3F, Jamuan Hari Raya with PERMATA, Jamuan Hari Raya Balai Islam etc...Enjoy!

I miss my IPGM Ilmu Khas so much…Miss those people that I close with there...I went there for 2 days ,before I sit for the last 2 papers ..Accidently, lots of events happen during those days; ‘Muktamar Agung PGPI’, ‘Solat Dhuha and ceramah’,’gotong royong to clean the surau ‘and also ‘jamuan akhir tahun asrama’…What a sweet memory to remember….It really release my tension,YEss, a lot..

Learn how to make cup cakes and tarts from my dear sis..Mission accomplishes!

Can you see my cupcakes,with lots of horn? huhu..still in learning process,k..

These are some of the things that I have gone through last semester...My third year degree, first semester at UM...I will never forget the bustling, tedious, tears and also all the fun and happiness to learn all the new things, especially regarding the technology….


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