Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My "Whiteman" Lecturer

Today is the third day for the second semester. I have lots of class during the afternoon and evening, which compared to last sem, everyday my class was started at 8 a.m.I think this sem will be an interesting sem with interesting subjects and interesting lecturers.

Talking about the interesting lecturer, actually got a “Whiteman” lecturer, Dr.Tom which teaches me for subjects language games and ESL simulated teaching (Whiteman= orang putih =English man...-not to be use in any formal writing, k =p).I’m really impress with the way he teaches us.

He bring musical instrument to the class. He introduces nice songs and poems to us and sing along with us, accompany with the ecalili (I not sure the right spelling). The way he teaches, with some jokes and personal story makes me not to feel boring but rather I eager to know what I will do next. Let me tell you what we have done for today class….

For today class, he started of with introducing a musical instrument, (I don’t know what its name since I never saw it) but it’s a great instrument, I can say. Then, we sing a birthday song for him since today is his birthday. Later on, he introduces 2 nice poems and asks some of us to read it. He asks us to trace some of the words, while explain that tracing will be a good practice for children to write. After that, he moves on to song, where he introduce a song and all of us become the echoes (sing after each line he sing) where echoes will be a good activity for young kids. Next, he moves on to introducing high words frequency from the CD-Rom that each of us got, from the book “The Reading Teacher’s Book of List”. High Frequency words are the words that appear most of the time in any English writing or even speaking. After explain about the importance of the knowledge about the high frequency words for young learners, he gives us a piece of paper where we need to do a crossword puzzle. It is not like the usual puzzle whereby we just need to find several words, but this one we need to find lots of words ,and we need to combine the remain letters to become a word. This activity can train the children to spot the words, which means they need to know how the letters look like .The class ended by singing a song, “It can be A Wonderful World”, the first song that he introduce during his first class.

Now, can you see something good about the way he teaches?
These are a few things that I think as a future teacher I need to take note:

1) The lesson must be in a good flow, well-planned.

2) Song and poetry will really be a good tool to teach children.

3) Give motivation and appreciation to pupils when they do something good. Simple thank and appraisal will do.

4) Set a classroom rules and keep remind the class to follow the rules.

5) Create a fun way of learning, not a tension way of learning, lower down the pupils’ affective filter.

6) Consider all the pupils way of learning where some of them maybe more on kinesthetic way of learning, as example. Thus, try to cater them all by planning various types of activities for them, with some movement, for instance.

7) Provides good materials or handout for pupils when necessary.

These are all what I can see Dr.Tom has done in my class. Thank a lot Dr., I really love the way you teaches us, and I’m sure others think that way too…Hope I can be a great teacher like you too…or greater than you=p

And lastly, I wanna wish, Happy Besday Dr. Tom!


Anonymous said...

wahhhhh! tomorrow teacher :O)
sungguh berjiwa pendidik lah jaa. bagus2.
nanti rin anta anak tuisyen english ngn jaa.

p/s eh? dah ckp pasal anak la plak. :P

Layyinul Harir said...

Amiin..Rin,Moga2 bnr2 brjiwa pndidik...jgn tggl ckp aje sdh ler,hehe...Oppss,anak,hehe..xpe,kan rin dah dkt nk walimah..kan kan..