Thursday, June 9, 2011

Almost the end of journey

Tomorrow will be the closing ceremony for my pre-employment programme. The programme is for one month and tomorrow is the end of the journey.

Many interesting things happened today;
-Class party (We have lunch together)
-Coaching session with my trainer, Mr.Murray
-Buddy coaching

*Class party- sooo touching. mr.Murray cried when we gave a present for him, a frame with picture of each of us. He did said that he always told his wife what happened in the class everyday after he go home. He just made me feel that he love me, he really love all of us. And indeed he is a good teacher, a good trainer and a good educator.

And, some of us also cried (including me, of course)...This programme is really add value to ourselves...And we felt that Mr.Murray is like a father and a friend to us. And also it is a very special bond of relationship between all of us in an adventurous journey to know ourselves, to plan our life and to improve ourselves to be a better person.

Chocolate cakes!

We know he loves us..

* Couching session with my trainer-I like being coach and even for me this is the best part of the programme. Mr. Murray really help me to know certain areas of myself that I should develop more. All the discussion is about myself and my life.

Who is the person in this world who really care about what you want in life?And to listen so attentively, as though there is no other people in this world except only you and him?
I have Mr.Murray as one of that kind of person.

"Don't kill your passion"-Thank Mr.Murray.

*Couching session with our buddy is really a great idea. Earlier, each person have a buddy to be observed. And today, the coach done a coaching session with the person that he/she observed. Its more on to discuss on how is our performance in class, participation, what is our strength, weaknesses and area of improvement.

A million thank to Dayah as my coach. She had gave me a few tips on how to improve myself and I need such a frank advise which will help me a lot in my life.
To Rizun, I hope he will gain something from our coaching session as I became his secret coach.

With Mr.Murray

Showing the cards that we get from the person that we coach

Fake tears..haha..(Barisan pelakon: Bad, Piah and Mat)

Rizun, Dayah and me

Today in memory. I will never forget this day, 9 June 2011.......

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Anonymous said...

love u too..... thnks sbb jd kwn.. lot of memries in dis class..