Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Tell them how great they are

What is the meaning of validation?
One of the meaning of validation is to tell a person how great he/she is.

After watching an inspiring video, my trainer, Mr. Murray asked us to write our name on top of the A4 paper and paste it on our back.

Then, our friends in the class need to write good things about us.

What did I feel during this activity?
I feel happy because people wrote something good about myself.
I feel happy because I can write good things about my friend which I might not have the chances to tell him/her.
I feel excited to do it since I think this is quite an interesting activity.
I know others' opinion about me.
I feel good about myself ^^

Thank you very much for those who wrote something for me=)

Actually I feel so sleepy right now, but really want to share this with you [and to remind myself too].

Just would like to asks a few questions to ponder;

How much in our life we give praise to someone, or just to tell how great they are?
or just to tell them how much you love them
or just to tell them how important they are in our life?

Not many, right?

Just let it go, tell them! Let them know!

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