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Camping di kaki Gunung Tebu

Segala Puja dan Puji hanya bagi Allah, Tuhan sekalian alam..Selawat dan salam ke atas rasul tercinta, Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.

Tengah bersemangat nak update blog n wat assigment, masa tu jgk la connection low, then trus xdapat tenet..Huishh..Kebelakangan ni memang connection sangat menguji kesabaran..Ada satu lagi citer lama yang tak sempat lagi nak diciter..Yang ni tentang cuti hari tu, 12-15 Februari...Ermmm...Rasa cam nak tulis dlm omputih la plak, Layyin switch ek...

On 12 until 15 February, I have attended a camping under PERKIM (Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia).The theme of PERKIM is "Dakwah didahulukan saudara muslim Diutamakan"(which I thought as theme for this programme).This programme was actually intended for Kelab Perkim UKM and UUM (In UM we still doesn't hv this Club). But, I knew dis program from my fren, Mas, who have attended an interfaith dialogue at UKM, and during the talk they hv inform about this prgram..Alhamdulillah..
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This camping was held (is dis correct word?huhu) at Lata Belatan, Besut, or also we can say as pusat Latihan Ranjer at Gunung Tebu..Oh, I don't even know bf dat Gunung Tebu is at Besut, Terengganu, my own hometown, huhu...

Sleep in camp..ada comfortable toto dalam tu (which I thought will be in chalet..I brought a big luggage bag...haha, can u imagine?) They were not inform us where actually we will sleep..As they mention some of the activities will be a few seminar, thus i thought in chalet...hehe, chalet la sgt kan..
My group members joining with other group during the explorace

Some of the activities includes few talks such as about dakwah, what is PERKIM, 1 Malaysia, group discussion (LDK), mount climbing, 'pengurusan jenazah' and etc..

With some of the frens from UKM

During LDK

Pengurusan jenazah

Konsep 1 Malaysia..Ermmm...

What I have got from dis program?

as a consolidation, as a new knowledge or info..

1) Spread dakwah, get involved actively with dakwah ..dats our responsibility.

2) When I was ask what I will do or who I am in next 5 years, I started to to realise that I not really have a proper plan to achieved what I want..What I want to achieved?Its quite a lot, n I think I prefer to juz keep it to myself right now, huhu..

3)Make sure from where you get the information..Don't juz simply believe it as it might not come out to be true..It is worse when you spread the information or news that that you yourself not sure about it..We need evidence..

4) I juz know that PERKIM is under government n now it is under Tun Dr.Mahathir..It is not an NGO.Therefore......Don't feel wierd if there's will be some kind of 'brainwash' in their programme, juz ready for it, or else...hehe..

5) Quarrel juz will bring chaos...

6) To climb a hill is not easy..But really for a long time I wish I can have dat kind experience...Alhamdulillah, I got it here, we climb Gunung Tebu at night..But juz about for about 2 n a half hour, not even reach half of the way to the top of Gunung Tebu..I nearly fall to d ground, with the slippery root..Still one more thing dat haven't fullfill yet; to explore cave..

7) Its really nice to make new friends...We can feel the sweet of ukhuwah..Got lots of frens from UUM n UKM..I can say that my new hobby is making frens=)

8) Many people have the question whether it is ok or not if our tears fell on the corpse that we have taken bath for him.The answer is, yes, it is ok.Even before this, I have atteded another bengkel pengurusan jenazah, that ustazah also giv d same answer.

9) Untuk urus jenazah, kita buat sekadar apa yang termampu..Dats means, if we got bones only, then we taken bath the bones only, if we just found the pieces of human meat, juz taken bath taht pieces only..Islam is easy...

10) I want to kick away all d bad habits dat we have listed during LDK...A good da'ie must have dis three qualities: Stong believe, good understanding and depends on Allah..(iman y mendalam, kefahaman y baik dan bergantung kepada Allah)

Hari tu msuk dalam paper Utusan, gambar ramai2 cam ginih, glamer2 =p..Tapi, taunye ms tgh malam..kat mana nak beli paper, huhu..

As overall, dis is a good programme..It juz dat I expect something more from dis...For example, I thought it will touch on method of dakwah, how to become an excellent da'ie, tribulation in dakwah etc..Although things is not as what I imagine, still I got something out of it...Alhamdulillah..

Lastly, siap gak entry pasal program nih...Ada 2 entry lagi y mesti Layyin post dalam week ni:
1) Daurah : Ini Peranan Kita
2) Rehlah Biro Ekonomi.

Kebelakangan ni agak sibuk...Layyin diamanahkan tuk jadi pengarah Gerai Balai Islam tuk hr Sabtu n Ahad ni.. ni alasan je...sebab utama : x pandai bahagi masa, suka procrastinate things....Click Me~ Ok, I must improve myself!

(mintak maaf ler, atas entry rojak ni...My grammar n bahasa mmg teruk ,but then kalu x practice menulis sdikit sbyk ikut omputih ni, sampi bila pun x pandai, nak jd rojak pun rojaklah ek...p/s: tp rojak sedap kan?hehe :p)

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